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25 Jun 18

The Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement for Commercial Properties

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A sewer line replacement on commercial premises in Chicago used to prove to be a nightmare. It usually involved some degree of destruction of the property and even possibly the uprooting of the trees and gardens, the pulling up of paved and tarred areas, roads, and driveways. Luckily, today, trenchless sewer line replacement technology means [...]

18 Jun 18

Emergency vs. Preventative Commercial Sewer Cleaning

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A clogged sewer running from commercial premises requires immediate emergency clearing. Industrial sewers are of a heavy capacity. So,  for a blockage to cause problems, it must be large, and this kind of blockage, therefore, calls for specialist plumbing services. Moreover, the assistance should come from local plumbers that are familiar with Chicago’s commercial areas and [...]

11 Jun 18

How to Prevent Clogs In Your Low-Flush Toilet

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Low flush toilets are great for saving water, but they are prone to clogging due to the low water volume. If they get clogged, their water-saving virtues go out the window. Or, more literally, all over the bathroom floor! The plumbing problems associated with low flush toilets are all too familiar to every Chicago, IL, plumber. [...]

4 Jun 18

Chemical Vs. Mechanical Drain Clogging Solutions – What Works?

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Drains get clogged all the time – mainly from things we put down them. A blockage can also occur because of a gradual build-up of substances such as fat, proteins, and cellulose. But, a blockage can also happen because of items intruding over which we have no control, such as tree roots getting into old pipes, [...]

23 Oct 17

Fixing water pressure issues at your commercial property

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Residential and commercial properties face different challenges when it comes to maintaining consistent water pressure. In a commercial building, intermittent and temporary water pressure issues could be a municipal issue, but if you repeatedly experience a drop in water pressure on an ongoing basis, then you may need to hire professional plumbers to identify the problem [...]

16 Oct 17

How to maintain drains on a busy commercial property

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Whether you are running a busy restaurant, an office, a shopping center or other commercial property, you need to ensure the optimal performance and cleanliness of your establishment. Maintaining the drains of your plumbing system is a huge part of ensuring that your facility runs smoothly. Here are a few tips to get this right: Invest [...]

9 Oct 17

What is backflow prevention and does your home need it?

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Backflow is the undesirable reversal of flow in a potable water distribution through a cross-connection. These cross-connections link contaminated or polluted water with the water supply of a residence or building, which means that backflow could enable liquids, glass, bacteria and other undesirable sources to enter your water system. There are a number of situations that [...]

2 Oct 17

The top reasons for calling an emergency plumber

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Unfortunately, small plumbing problems can turn into plumbing nightmares in the blink of an eye. In our latest blog post, we list some of the top reasons for calling an emergency plumber: Overflowing toilet This is probably one of the most dreaded plumbing disasters. An overflowing toilet warrants a call to an emergency plumber immediately. Overflowing [...]

25 Sep 17

Make septic tank inspections part of your building maintenance routine

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Whether you own or manage a residential or commercial property, an annual building maintenance routine can save you a lot of money and prevent significant damage. If you have a septic tank system, it is crucial to inspect the system once a year. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to make septic tank inspections [...]

18 Sep 17

Have you winter-proofed your business’s drains and sewers?

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We offer quick and efficient sewer cleaning and emergency plumbing for commercial businesses in Chicago. However, there are a few steps that you can take to winter-proof your drains and sewers before the cold sets in. Why is winter-proofing drains and sewers important? Water expands in volume when it freezes. If you freeze a can of [...]