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5 Plumbing Tasks to Leave to the Professionals

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As a home-owner, it is important to have at least some skill and know-how when it comes to solving the simple plumbing problems that you face around your home from time to time.  However, there are some plumbing tasks that you should leave to the professionals, lest you tamper with the wrong fixtures, thus making things worse. Almighty Rooter and Plumbing offers 24 hour emergency plumbing in the Chicago area, making them the best choice when it comes to fixing those major plumbing problems, which can happen at any time of the day- or night. Here are some suggestions from them on the five critical plumbing tasks that need to be handled by qualified professionals.

Water Line Repair:

If your water bill is constantly rising and you don’t know why, it might be a good idea to consider looking into your water lines for leaks. Water line pipes run underground and supply your home with fresh water every day. However, because they’re underground, leaks in these pipes can go undetected for long periods of time, and replacing them requires the expertise of professionals like Almighty Rooter and Plumbing, who actually replace water lines without causing a disturbance to the aesthetic value of your property.

Gas Leaks:

Not only are gas leaks inconvenient but highly dangerous as well. The first course of action to take if you suspect or know that there is a gas leak, is to call your plumber and leave your home immediately, as this is a job for the professionals. With Almighty Rooter and Plumbing’s 24 hour emergency availability, you can call at any time to access the most qualified technicians in the Chicago area.

Sewer Rodding:

Back-ups in your sewage system can cause extremely unhygienic living conditions, and they’re mainly caused by blockages in your pipes or even major obstructions that are stuck in your mainline sewer. These types of problems require thorough cleaning of your pies, drains and sewer lines, which can only be done by a professional through sewer rodding.

Sewer clogs:

Sewer clogs often happen as a result of debris build up in the sewer pipes, and you’re likely to notice them when you start seeing an overflow of water from your taps, bathtub and toilet. This can lead to a lot of water damage that affects other surfaces in your home, and will require the services of a reputable and experienced emergency plumber to remove the obstruction and help you repair the water damage.

Drain Cleaning:

Getting a professional plumber to periodically clean your drain will help you to absolutely minimize the risk of having to deal with clogged drains and the headache they cause.

If you’re wondering where to find suitably qualified technicians around Chicago to help you with these tasks, look no further than Almighty Rooter Sewer & Plumbing. The company offers superior plumbing repair services such as drain maintenance, sewage cleaning, water line repairs, gas leak repairs and fixing any other plumbing conundrums you might be facing.

Have peace of mind knowing that Almighty Rooter Sewer & Plumbing’s team of qualified plumbing technicians are there to give you the best in plumbing services. Contact us today on 773-992-1587 and receive a complimentary camera inspection of your sewer, a service valued at $250!

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