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What does it cost to hire a local plumber? A couple things to consider:

Different work takes different time, and different tools which can all affect the cost of a plumbing job. Even in the most common residential plumbing jobs, the costs can be wildly different depending on what needs to be done.

A simple toilet repair like replacing a wax ring or unclogging a drain can be as low as $100 whereas replacing piping for your home can cost thousands.

Plumbing jobs unfortunately are not as straightforward as say installing a new refrigerator. Home and businesses can be built decades apart, use different materials, adhere to outdated codes and so on. All of this adds some uncertainty to the job.

Often times it can be hard to provide an accurate quote until the plumber has fully inspected and diagnosed the problem and even then, unforseen issues can arise.

Difference between Joe the plumber and a plumbing company

Due to high plumbing costs it can often be tempting to hire a freelance plumber from places like Craigslist or other job marketplaces. However, this is not recommended. Many of these independent plumbers are not licensed, bonded or insured which can leave you with little options should something go wrong. They also often misrepresent their experience and skills which can leave them in over their head and you with an inadequate plumbing job that may need to be entirely redone.

It’s better to think of a plumber as more of a doctor than a delivery driver. Sure you may not care who delivers your pizza but you will definitely care who completes that surgery on your body. You certainly wouldn’t want a doctor from Craigslist and the same can be said here. Plumbing is a technical job which requires skill, training and experience.


What to expect from Almighty Rooter:

Almighty Rooter has been around for over 50+ years proudly serving residential and commercial customers in the Chicagoland area. We operate under four primary values which keeps our customers coming back to us.

1. Trust: We have built our reputation as being a dependable and reliable plumbing company over decades and always honor the trust our customers give us when we work on their home or business.

2. Fair prices: We believe in far and transparent pricing with no hidden fees or charges, ever.

3. Fast and responsive: We are available 24/7/365 for all plumbing issues big or small.

4. Licensed, bonded, insured. We are professionals and never cut any corners, all of our plumbers are always licensed, bonded and insured.

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