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Residential Plumber

Leak Detection

Don't let leaks go unnoticed and cause extensive damage. Trust us for precise leak detection services, quickly identifying and addressing hidden water leaks to save you from costly repairs and conserve water.

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Sewer Backup Repair

Sewer backups can create a hazardous and stressful situation in your home or business. Almighty provide prompt and efficient sewer backup repair services to restore safety and sanitation, ensuring your environment is clean and functional.

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Sewer Root Removal

When it comes to maintaining your plumbing system, root intrusions can be one of the most challenging issues to handle. Trust our extensive experience in sewer root removal, ensuring your pipes remain clear and functional.

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Sewer Camera Inspection

It's way more expensive to fix a problem than it is to prevent one. Let us help you identify issues early with our sewer camera inspection service, ensuring your plumbing system stays in top condition.

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Garbage Disposal installation

Garbage Disposal Installation

Let us help you enhance your kitchen's efficiency with our professional garbage disposal installation services, ensuring quick and hassle-free waste management.

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chicago gas line installation and repair

Gas Line Installation and Repair

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Hydro Jetting

It’s way more expensive to fix a problem than it is to prevent one. Let us help you keep your plumbing clean and remove debris.

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Chicago waterline replacement

Water Line Replacement And Pipe Repair

Trust our experience in valve installation, water line repair or replacement, water line breaks, meter leaks, and high water bill strategies.

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Chicago shower repair

Shower Repair And Fixture Replacement

Almighty Rooter is an expert when it comes to residential shower repair and installation, including leaky faucet, bad drain, broken shower and more.

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Chicago toilet repair and installation

Toilet Repair And Fixture Replacement

Got a leaky or clogged toilet, need a new installation? Almighty Rooter is hear to help! No matter what problem your toilet is experiencing we can fix it.

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Put Us on Speed Dial For 24 hr plumbers

We’re available 24/7 for problems big and small.

From minor plumbing leak repair to major renovations, Almighty Rooter does it all for less. Call today and start saving on all your plumbing repair needs. Put us on speed dial so you don’t have to think ahead when you have a plumbing problem:

  • 773-284-6616 (citywide plumbing services, Chicago)
  • (708)-294-3181 (plumbing services, suburbs)

Trust Us for Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services

We take care of anything from emergency water extraction or sewage extraction to new water heater installations.

  • Discounts. Take advantage of military and senior citizen discounts.
  • Payment & Guarantees. Enjoy flexible payment options at Almighty Rooter, where we accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash. Also, feel free to ask about our financing options. Most companies have a “working out of a kitchen” philosophy. Not us! We have a full support staff to help you. All plumbing work is 100% guaranteed.

We can’t wait to help you with any plumbing or sewer issue. Contact us for plumbing services in Chicago, IL today!

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