Restaurant Plumbing

Reliable Restaurant Plumbing Services in Chicago

Almighty Rooter knows if you don’t have functional water, gas or sewer you are out of business! We pride ourselves in offering expert getting restaurant plumbing services in Chicago and we make sure that our clients’ restaurants reopened FAST! We have service staff on call and ready 24 hours a day. We have the equipment and parts on hand to get the job done. Call us now, we can make your emergency plumbing problems go away.


Almighty Rooter is proud to offer the following restaurant plumbing services to our clients:

  • Emergency water line repair
  • Emergency gas line repair
  • Emergency sewer and drain cleaning
  • Grease trap cleaning and maintenance
  • All plumbing and sewer maintenance services

Restaurant Plumbing Is Our Specialty

For more than fifty years our family has been meeting the plumbing needs of Chicago area restaurants. Your business is important to us. Need to be reopened for dinner? Need to have work done after hours? We can do it.

Give Us a Call Today

Our restaurant customers know that our commercial plumbers are among Chicago’s finest. Let us handle the stress of a resturant plumbing need. Almighty is on it. Speak to our plumbing support team today to learn more about the Almighty’s expert restaurant plumbing and sewer services. Call us at  773-645-1113 to learn more about our restaurant plumbing services in Chicago!

Grease Trap Information

Almighty Rooter is your one stop shop solution for anything grease trap related. We can install, repair and replace commercial grease traps as well as provide regular maintenance. Our plumbing experts can handle tasks like regularly removing great, cooking oil, disposal and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fix my grease trap?

Yes absolutely. Contact us and one of our experts will take a look at your grease trap to figure out whats wrong.

Can you install a new grease trap?

Yes, we have installed grease traps for all kinds of commercial businesses such as restaurants, hotels and more.

Do you handle grease collection?

Yes, we regularly collect grease and cooking oil for all kinds of businesses. Everything from small apartment complexes to large commercial kitchens. 

Do you have the proper equipment and licenses?

Yes, we everything that is needed to handle anything to do with grease traps and maintenance. 


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