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Need to find a reliable plumber quickly? Almighty Rooter is a Chicago plumbing company you can trust 24/7 to ensure the safety of your home or business. What’s more, when you need plumbing services in Chicago, IL, we respond right away to help you avert serious plumbing problems later.

Count on us to be your plumbing and sewer experts in the greater Chicagoland area. We offer emergency plumbing response day or night with the help of our 24 hour plumbers. Our commercial plumbers have been trusted by Chicago commercial businesses, schools, restaurants, medical centers, and government buildings for over 50 years.

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Why should you choose Almighty Rooter Plumbing?

We know there are many plumbers out there. Here are just a few reasons to call us first:

  • Keep your premises safe with services that are licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • Trust our state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Rely on our more than 50 years of experience.
  • Know that your satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Get a free estimate on any service.
  • Take advantage of our emergency plumbing services.
  • Talk to our 24-hour plumbers on call.
  • Enjoy no extra charge on nights and weekends.
  • Feel confident about our BBB-accredited business.
  • Ask about our senior citizen, police & firefighter, and military discounts.
  • Learn more about available financing options.

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Storm Drain & Catch Basin Cleaning

Emergency Pumping. We come out with a 2-man crew and a 3,000 gallon pump truck to perform sludge removal on catch basins and storm drains. We completely remove all grease, sludge, dirt, water, and debris from all sizes of catch basins, grease traps, flooded basements, and storm drains.

Preventative Maintenance. You may live in an area that requires regular inspection and cleaning of catch basins or storm drains to prevent flooding. If so, contact our experienced plumbers for scheduled preventative maintenance.

  • Our plumbers will work around your schedule.
  • We guarantee that you will meet local requirements. We understand rules and regulations for every town we serve, and customize our programs to meet your local guidelines.
  • Preventative maintenance is affordable and can save up to 60% on emergency costs when an unexpected backup occurs.

Sewer Cleaning

We know that sewer jetting might not be the most glamorous household task, but in order to have clean pipes, we highly recommend sewer cleaning be done from time to time. We use a high pressure water jet at 4200 psi in a 360 degree rotation to completely remove all grease, sludge, dirt, debris, and even tree roots, from the walls of your sewer system. By doing this we can assure that your sewer lines are flowing properly.

Sewer Inspection

Don’t just imagine your sewer problems; let us visualize them with our advanced locating equipment that targets your problem specifically and determines whether you need sewer repair or sewer line replacement. All video inspections are produced on VHS format for TV. We offer the following options:

  • Advanced. We excavate down to the actual problem zone, removed damaged sewer tile, and replace it with brand new tile. Then we install clean-outs to assist in future maintenance. Finally, we deal with tapping and running-water services.
  • Specialized. We give you solutions to waste-water disposal and discharge problems. We’ll also install catch basins and inspection pits.

Please note that sewer rodding may be required to clear the path for video inspection. Sewer rodding on a regular basis can also effectively avoid major sewer problems in the future.

Plumbing Repairs and Frozen Pipe Services

Our experienced plumbers handle all types of situations, so we’re ready to deal with any plumbing issue, basic to advanced:

  • Basic. We’ll take care of power rodding all drains and cleanouts; then we’ll replace or repair toilets, urinals, or sinks.
  • Advanced. Let us replace and install your new water heater, water line (copper & galvanized), ejector, or sump pump. If your pipes freeze, we’ll thaw them (see below).

Almighty Rooter is your best choice for frozen pipe plumbing repair in the Chicago area. In the intense cold you need a plumber who understands how to thaw pipes quickly so you avoid costly damages later. No matter the problem, ask us for a free estimates and we’ll quickly and efficiently find a solution.

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