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Gas Line Installation and Repair

chicago gas line installation and repair

Gas line installation and gas line repair services in Chicago

Don’t wait to call our gas line installers! Almighty Rooter has been serving the Chicagoland region and suburbs for over 50 years. We will restore your gas for everyday cooking, heating, electricity, and laundering—all while keeping you and your home safe. We’ll also help you with new gas line installation in Chicago, IL and surrounding areas.

Gas Line Repair

Is there a rotten egg smell permeating your home or business? Are your gas-powered appliances functioning improperly? If the answers to these questions are ‘yes’ then you are experiencing gas leak symptoms.

In emergency situations like these, you need to leave your home and call us for a gas line repair service immediately.

Why? Natural gas contains a sulfur additive to help people identify gas leaks by smell. Gas line leaks are very dangerous. Gas leaks can release toxic chemicals into the air and cause carbon monoxide poisoning; however, in severe cases they may lead to gas line explosions that can blow up your entire home by the flip of a light switch.

Get out first! After the police complete a safety inspection, call us to locate the natural gas leak and perform immediate gas line repair.

Here’s how to find us:

Gas Line Installation

You don’t need to have an emergency to get our help. We handle inside-the-home gas line repairs and installation of in-home appliances like those listed below:

  • Oven & stoves
  • Water heaters & boilers
  • Fireplaces

We install gas lines in your home for both our residential and commercial customers, so we’ll take care of your home gas line or provide one for your restaurant or industry. Just give us a call 24/7 and we will answer right away.

Remember a gas leak inside your home is something that needs immediate attention. After checking for safety, we’ll ensure all your appliances are working properly with our gas line replacement or leak repair services.

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