Emergency vs. Preventative Commercial Sewer Cleaning

Emergency Plumbing Services

A clogged sewer running from commercial premises requires immediate emergency clearing. Industrial sewers are of a heavy capacity. So,  for a blockage to cause problems, it must be large, and this kind of blockage, therefore, calls for specialist plumbing services. Moreover, the assistance should come from local plumbers that are familiar with Chicago’s commercial areas and the sewers, and who have the right heavy-duty equipment.

Several mechanical methods can be used to clear the sewer, the primary being commercial sewer rodding and water jetting. These are powerful enough to clear most blockages, and though many of them are used in maintenance cleaning, by the time the blockage is large enough to cause a problem, it is going to be costly. It is far better to find a company that specializes in sewer cleaning and catch basin maintenance in Chicago, investing in the ‘prevention is better than cure’ remedy.

Sewer Maintenance Will Save You Time and Money

Don’t wait for an emergency. Regular sewer inspections, cleaning, and water jetting will keep the sewers and catch-basins free of debris and ensure the efficient flow of the wastewater and effluent. A scheduled maintenance program amounts to a small monthly cost when compared to a potentially far more costly solution you may not be prepared for financially. Taking preventative measures will also ensure that your business does not experience expensive downtime or damage caused by a back-up or overflowing drains.

A further advantage of preventative sewer cleaning and catch basin maintenance is knowledge. If you know what is being caught up in your catchment basin, you can take steps to reduce or eliminate these factors, further reducing the need for commercial drain maintenance.

If you own a commercial premise, this could also go a long way to reduce your premise’s impact on the municipal sewers. Since a serious blockage in a sewer beyond those on your premises could affect your business, but be out of your hands, your contribution to keeping those sewers clear of unnecessary debris may well help to prevent such a situation in the first place – one where you may need to wait for municipal action. Losing you time and costing you money.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Sewer camera inspections are used for both emergency sewer cleaning and maintenance sewer cleaning. This involves threading a camera through the sewer to enable your plumbing specialists to determine:

  • What the cause of the blockages is,
  • To evaluate the type of build-up,
  • To decide on what the appropriate action is to take, and
  • To determine how often your drains and sewers need cleaning.

Chicago Sewer Cleaning and Catch-Basin Maintenance

Whether you need your commercial drains and sewers cleaned or whether you simply wish to have a 24-hour emergency plumbing service on call for in case they get blocked, get in touch with Almighty Rooter Sewer & Plumbing. We are the plumber in Chicago that you can trust. We also offer our clients a free camera inspection (to the value of $250) with every sewer rodding and/or jetting job that we perform. Contact us today at 773-992-1587. Financing is available!

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