How to Prevent Clogs In Your Low-Flush Toilet

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Low flush toilets are great for saving water, but they are prone to clogging due to the low water volume. If they get clogged, their water-saving virtues go out the window. Or, more literally, all over the bathroom floor! The plumbing problems associated with low flush toilets are all too familiar to every Chicago, IL, plumber. But, luckily there are several easy measures to help prevent low water volume related clogging, build-up, and blockage – from the toilet itself to the sewer line.

Frequent Toilet Plunging

 Don’t wait for that messy, unhygienic back-up to occur to plunge your toilet. Frequent plunging can help clear build-up and small obstructions in the U-bend that can lead to your toilet clogging. These would normally be cleared by the water volume from a high flush toilet, or by the water-pressure in a modern high pressure low flush toilet, but an older low flush toilet will need at least weekly plunging.

Watch What You Put Down the Toilet

This is the most obvious piece of advice. Use less toilet paper to avoid sudden clogging and use one-ply or ‘cheap’ toilet paper that is less absorbent, and therefore easier to flush.

Take the same precautions you might with a septic tank, i.e. don’t put feminine hygiene products down the toilet!

Chicago Homes – Flushing for Low Flush Toilets, Old Sewers and Hard Water

Flush Sewers:

Most sewer lines in Chicago are old, and they are unable to remove waste effectively with lower waste levels.  Regular sewer rodding and jetting will help keep them clean and free of build-up.

Flush the Toilet Pipe and Drain:

Fill up your toilet cistern with household wastewater (from the bath for example) and flush more than you think you need to. Or simply flush again normally every now and again if water saving is not too much of a concern.

Flush Away the Calcium:

Chicago is renowned for its ‘hard water’. So, use a water softener to help prevent a build-up of calcium scale in the toilet pipes, drains, and sewers. This build-up occurs more quickly with low flush toilets.

Chicago, IL, Plumber

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