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Video Sewer and Drain Inspections Save Time and Money

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Need to have your drains and sewers cleaned or have a back-up from a blockage that won’t respond to plunging, drain cleaners or auguring – and you don’t know where it is?

Plumbers such as Almighty Rooter, specialists in sewer cleaning in Chicago, will use video sewer and drain inspections to find blockages and assist in cleaning your sewers, drains and pipes.

These video sewer and drain inspections involve your plumber threading a video line, with a camera, lights and locating transmitters on the end of it, through your waste pipes to find the source of the blockage. The line can be thread all the way from the smaller ‘branch line’ pipes that run from your fittings (bath-tub, sink etc.) through to the sewer line – the larger pipe that runs from your home or premises – or alternatively it can be thread from the sewer line through to the main sewer. 

Video and drain sewer inspections are not as nearly costly as you might think. In fact, they can save you a great deal of time and money as they offer a much faster method of finding blockages or other sewer problems. Expertise saves time and money too, and an experienced plumber in Chicago will have top-of-the-range line locating and video equipment with long video lines.

Video inspections are more cost effective and efficient than acting on the guesswork can result in multiple digs and escalating time and cost. Knowing where to dig to get at a sewer blockage the first time around is a no-brainer!

The use of cameras and video lines for locating blockages and inspecting sewers and pipes also allows your plumber a relatively ‘mess-free’ way of seeing not only detail, but how that detail is affecting your plumbing now – and what could affect it in the future.

Video inspections are not only used when problems occur. It’s a great idea to bring in your specialist Chicago plumbing company to do a video inspection when remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, when extending and so adding pipes and drains (it’s essential that your sewer line is able to handle increased waste-water volume).

It also constitutes an excellent investment in cost-effective preventing problems before they start. A video inspection can spot problems in the making (such as encroaching tree roots) and post inspection high-pressure water-jet cleaning used to clean sewers to help to prevent the clogs and obstructions that can occur due to the build of substances such as fats and other debris.

For more information, call the plumber in Chicago with 50 years’ experience in sewer cleaning, and with expertise in video line inspections of sewers and drains – Almighty Rooter Sewer & Plumbing at 773-992-1587. We will come out to clear away blockages and clean your sewers anywhere in Chicago – saving you time and money!

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