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What to do if you have a sewer clog

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A sewer clog can happen gradually over time, with very subtle signs that it is actually happening. Before you know it, your entire plumbing system is damaged and you have water overflowing from your toilet, sinks and basins. This can lead to water damage in your home, ruining carpets, flooring and even your walls and electrical system. Don’t let the problem get that big! Find out what to do if you have a sewer clog.

  • Firstly, find out how to identify a sewer clog
    Have you started hearing a gurgling sound coming from your pipes? Does water seem to back-up through the drains in your shower, bathtub, sinks and toilet? These are some of the more obvious signs that your sewer line is clogged. Sometimes it can get so bad that fecal matter will begin to back-up into your basins! This is massively unhygienic. Call an emergency plumbing repair company as soon as you notice these signs.
  • Try and avoid clogs from happening to begin with
    Keep your pipes well maintained, avoid planting trees near your main sewer pipeline and get any plumbing issues dealt with as soon as they happen.
  • Call a 24 hour plumber
    Do not hesitate to call immediately if your water starts backing up and overflowing. In fact, a plumber should have been called way before this point, but if you haven’t made the call, now is a good time. Keep an emergency plumber on speed-dial. Shut off the main water line as soon as possible.
  • Try and use a plumber that does water recovery
    For your convenience, find a plumbing service that offers the means to clean up and do repairs from water damage. This will save you time and also money since you will be getting all your repairs from one source.

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