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How tree roots can cause damage to your sewers

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We all love trees. They add beauty to our Chicago landscape and provide shade, plus they’re essential to the environment. The problem is, that trees – or more specifically their roots – are not good for your sewers. Tree roots can block your pipes, causing sewer line back up.

The first sign that tree roots are blocking your sewer pipes and causing sewer line back up is a gurgling of water from other drains when you flush a toilet or run a tap. If this happens, it’s time to call a plumber in Chicago before the issue becomes more serious.

If left unattended, tree roots can actually crack open the pipes, causing problems that can cost thousands to repair. If your sewer pipes become clogged, it’s vital to get hold of a plumber. Chicago is a leafy city with plenty of trees, so it’s highly likely that your sewers are susceptible to being blocked by tree roots.

Why do tree roots grow in sewer pipes?

The answer is simple – tree roots will naturally gravitate towards the best source of water and nutrients, and your sewer pipes are filled with both of these.

What damage to they cause?

Tree roots take advantage of the joins in your sewer pipes, sending clusters of roots through tiny gaps. If a blockage is not sorted out quickly, over time the roots will thicken and strengthen and break the sewer pipes. A plumber offering sewer cleaning in Chicago can inspect your pipes by running a camera probe through them and use various tools to clear the blockage.

How can you minimise the problem?

  1. Plant new trees well away from sewer lines. Call the local department of public works to find out where your underground utilities are located.
  2. Choose to plant trees that are known to have shallow roots systems and do not need a lot of water.
  3. If you have existing trees on your property, have your sewers regularly inspected by a plumber. Cleaning a line, or even replacing it completely, is far less costly than repairing the damage once a tree root has cracked open the pipes.

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