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Tips for Keeping Your Sewer Lines Clear

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Whether your bathroom basin is bunged up, your garbage disposal unit stinks or grease is clogging your kitchen sink, there is a solution to all your plumbing problems. One of the most common plumbing calamities is a blocked lavatory. It is by far the most embarrassing reason to call a plumbing service in Chicago.

What not to do to a blocked toilet 

  • It might be tempting to “break up” a clog by pouring boiling water down the toilet. However, the water in the bowl and pipes of your toilet is cold. The sharp contrast in temperatures can lead to additional damage to your toilet or pipes.
  • Do not overdose on chemicals. Either use some bleach for a fresh, clean smell or use a chemical blockage remover. Never combine the two, as it will create deadly chlorine gas.
  • As tedious as it is, your best bet when it comes to unblocking a lavatory is to use a good plunger.

Prevent sewers from clogging 

  • To avoid a blocked toilet, never flush away anything other than toilet paper. To encourage this, consider placing a discrete dustbin next to the toilet for unmentionables.
  • There is no polite way to say this: make sure that when clearing a bowel movement, users of the toilet flush thoroughly – twice if necessary. Two smaller flushes – midway and at the end – are better than one big flush. {Blush}

If you need sewer cleaning in Chicago, please call the team at Almighty Plumbing on 773-992-1587 or contact us electronically.  Every sewer rodding or jetting comes with a free camera inspection valued at $250. Not only can we help you to keep your sewer pipes clear, but we have financing available too!

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