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The Most Common Causes of Low Water Pressure in Commercial Plumbing Systems

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Are your restaurant’s faucets dribbling water? If you own a hotel, is the shower water pressure worse than it used to be? If you own a commercial business like a restaurant, hotel, or school, you know that water pressure is incredibly important to your success. Almighty is an expert in commercial plumbing services and we want you to be informed about what causes low water pressure and what steps you can take to remedying the problem right away.

The most common causes of low water pressure

  • Water valves: If someone has recently turned a water valve off and on again, the valve may not be open all the way. This could be what’s causing low water pressure. Don’t forget about your water valves. It might be as simple as turning the valve all the way open. If the water valve appears to be broken, reach out for professional help.
  • Clogged pipes and mineral deposits: This is an extremely common cause—especially if you have older iron pipes, which can rust and ultimately cause an obstruction. Other materials like sawdust, sand, dirt, and gravel can enter pipes through regular water travel or if a water main fractures. If you suspect that clogged pipes are impacting water pressure, try cleaning fixtures yourself but typically you will need professional help to thoroughly clean out the root of the problem.
  • Water leaks: Damaged water pipes can leak and cause lower water pressure, since not all of the water makes it through to your shower or faucet. There’s a simple way to figure out if your pipes are leaking: shut off the main water valve and make a note of the meter reading. Check again in two hours and if the reading has increased, your pipes are leaking. This instance definitely requires an expert—check out Almighty’s commercial sewer line and water line repair services here.

What if your low water pressure isn’t a building-specific problem?

If you experience low water pressure and none of the above issues seem to apply to your situation, your low water pressure may be caused by the city. Don’t hesitate to call your local municipal water supply company and inquire if they’ve had any water pressure issues.

You can also test if your city’s water pressure is lower than what you’re used to by buying a water pressure test gauge, attach it to a hose faucet, and test all fixtures’ pressure. For reference, a pressure reading below 50 PSI is low. If your area’s water pressure is naturally lower, you can try to improve it by using a larger pipe size. Of course, we recommend checking with a professional first before making any plumbing adjustments.

If you suspect you need help fixing your low water pressure, call Almighty!

Low water pressure can also be caused by a malfunctioning water pump. Keep your commercial water pump functioning in tip-top shape. Have regular maintenance checks at least every five years. These checks involve replacing or adjusting the pressure switch, installing a new pressure gauge, evaluating the well pump performance, and examining the storage tank to ensure that it has proper air pressure.

Noticing that your water pressure in your restaurant, hotel, school, or business isn’t what it used to be? Don’t stress out—call Almighty. We’ve provide expert commercial plumbing services and repairs for decades. There’s a reason that we’re one of the most trusted Chicago plumbing services.

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