How to Stop Sewer Gas from Coming into Your Home or Commercial Property

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Apart from the revolting odor, sewer gas can actually cause sickness from inhalation. This is because it contains carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and sulfur dioxide. Municipal sewer systems often contain chlorine bleach as well. As soon as you get a sniff of that unmistakable stench, call Almighty Plumbers – Chicago’s 24-hour sewer cleaning specialists – immediately.

Stinky sewers and drains

One of the risks associated with exposure to sewer fumes is hydrogen sulfide poisoning. Exposure to this gas can cause dizziness and headaches and, in extreme cases, loss of consciousness. So this is not something that should be trifled with. If you can smell sewage, something is faulty.

As with most systems in the home, your sewage system needs regular maintenance, so get a professional in to check on the system before it’s too late.

But if there is a problem, start by checking all pipes in the system for cracks or leaks. Vent pipes are often at fault so these should be included in your check: get up onto the roof and make sure that it is not blocked.

Other DIY methods include re-gluing loose joints, removing the toilet, replacing the toilet, etc. These are big jobs for non-plumbers, so it is advisable to call Almighty Plumbing instead.

If that yields no conclusive answer, it is probably time to call a 24-hour plumber to get to the source of the problem immediately. Almighty Plumbers will get to you quickly and perform the diagnostic tests (like a camera inspection) to get to the root of the problem.

Remember that the problem may be further afield than your pipes – it could be the City’s problem. Don’t hesitate: contact Almighty Plumbing on 773-992-1587 for prevention, maintenance, and repair of all your sewage issues. Every sewer rodding or jetting comes with a free camera inspection valued at $250. *Financing available!

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