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Signs that your sewerage system needs maintenance

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When you can’t see something, it’s easy to forget that it’s there – until it becomes a problem. Your sewerage system may be located underground, but just like all of your plumbing, needs a check-up from time to time. Sewerage systems that are not maintained can cause serious problems, such as flooding and expensive repairs. You can avoid unnecessary expense by performing regular drain and catch basin maintenance and being aware of certain signs that your sewer requires maintenance.

Gurgling sinks and toilets

Ever flushed the toilet and noticed the sink making a gurgling noise, similar to the sound of a coffee percolator? This is the most obvious sign of sewer line back up that requires immediate action. Sewer line back up is a sign of a blocked sewer pipe that should be investigated and cleaned. You can arrange sewer cleaning in Chicago through Almighty Plumbers, who are available 24/7 to sort out any problem.

Slow drains

If you notice that water has become very slow to drain from the sink or bath tub, this is a sign that a blockage is beginning to form. A blockage that is not sorted out will worsen over time and eventually become a major issue. Get hold of a plumber to inspect the pipes and clear the blockage.

A foul odor

This is another obvious sign, and one that can be quite serious. If your sewerage runs on an individual system, it’s a sign that the tank is full. If your pipes are connected to the city’s sewerage system via water borne sewerage, this could be a sign that a blockage has already caused one of your pipes to leak or break, requiring urgent repair or even replacement by a plumber in Chicago.

A blocked catch basin

The catch basin directs water run-off (such as rain, or from watering the garden) from outside of your home into the sewer line, catching any leaves or debris in a metal grid. A catch basin that is blocked will not drain water properly. In addition, small pieces of debris from a catch basin may make it through the grid over time, eventually causing a blockage in the sewer system. Avoid this problem by keeping your catch basin area fee of leaves and other refuse.

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