Signs your sewer or drain is blocked

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If you live in the Chicago area and your sewer or drain is blocked, you need to call for sewer cleaning in Chicago as soon as possible.

When your drain is blocked, all excess water will build up in your pipes and can cause a possible burst or damage to you pipes. Prevent this by getting help from a sewer cleaning plumber in Chicago.

How to know if your drain or sewer is blocked

  • Your drain might be blocked if there is a build-up of water in your pipes such as when you flush the toilet and the water backs up into your bath or shower drain. You can also detect a blockage if you run water into your sink and the toilet makes a bubbling sound.
  • If you have an odor coming from your sewage drain, be sure that there is a blockage in your pipes. Leaving it will only increase the awful smell.
  • If you have only one blockage, you need not worry too much but as more pipes become blocked, the more serious you problem will become.
  • If you drain water from your bath to sink and the water drain at a slow speed, you have a blocked drain. If the water does not drain at all, you need to contact your nearest plumber immediately to sort out the problem. 

Unblocking drains and sewers at Almighty Plumbing

Almighty Plumbing is your one stop Chicago emergency plumber. If you need sewer rodding in Chicago, there is only one place to go that offers 24 hour plumbing services – Almighty Plumbing.

We use hydro jetting equipment to ensure that your blocked drain is cleaned and well maintained at a very affordable price. We also offer a free camera inspection with every sewer rodding, ensuing that we eliminate the problem preventing your water to flow with ease.

Contact us today to get the best sewer cleaning in Chicago.

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