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Pipes That Go “Clang” in the Night: How to Fix Noisy Water Pipes

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It’s so frustrating to constantly hear noisy, clattering water pipes. While it’s an annoying problem, it’s not one you have to live with forever. Almighty Plumbing is here to help you figure out what’s causing that pesky clanging and fix it once and for all.

Read on to discover out the 4 likely causes of noisy water pipes and how they can be fixed.

1) Loose Mounting Straps

Pipes are anchored to the wall with mounting straps. If the pipes aren’t anchored in tightly, the rush of water through the pipes will cause them to rattle. It’s common for mounting straps to become loose over time. Check all of your pipe’s mounting straps to see if they need to be tightened or even replaced. If you can easily tighten the straps, problem solved! However, it could be tricky to anchor the pipes properly–especially if the pipes are old. Don’t hesitate to contact a plumber for help.

2) High Water Pressure

The clang culprit could be excessively high water pressure. Since the water pressure is so high, the water pressure throughout the pipes could be higher than normal and cause the pipes to vibrate against the wall. For reference, a normal water pressure measurement is between 30 and 55 psi.If your water pressure exceeds this number, it’s not a big deal. This is a simple fix, as you can just reduce the water pressure with the pressure valve or water pressure regulator. Don’t have a regulator in your house? Consider having a professional plumber install one, as it will save you money on your water bill and prevent damage to appliances like washing machines and dishwashers.

3) Water Hammer

A water hammer occurs when a swift rush of water flowing through a narrow pipe hits a closed valve. As you can expect, this causes a loud noise, or a water hammer. In addition to noise, water hammers can also cause damage in your pipes. However, functional air chambers prevent water hammers from occurring. Air chambers serve as cushions that absorb the shock of the water stream coming to the end of a pipe. Occasionally, air chambers need their air supply replenished. If you hear especially loud, dramatic clanging noises and you suspect it’s water hammer, call a plumber for assistance.

4) Insufficient Cushioning

Sometimes pipes can tremble ever so slightly. If you’ve checked for loose mounting straps and too high water pressure but the pipes still rattle, try adding extra cushioning around the pipes. You can wrap and secure insulation foam specifically for pipes or even rubber around the pipes. Don’t wrap it too tightly–you want to leave a little space for the pipes to expand.

Need Help Fixing Noisy Water Pipes? Call Almighty!

If you give your pipes a little extra TLC, you won’t have to live with noisy pipes forever. Want to learn how to winterize your pipes? Read this. Don’t forget to learn more about Almighty Plumbing’s residential plumbing services and commercial plumbing services and read up on our emergency plumbing services as well.

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