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How often should catch basins be cleaned?

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Catch basin cleaning in Chicago is a great necessity, especially in the spring time when storms can cause big floods in and around the Chicago area.

If your catch basin is clogged, you need to get the help of a 24 hour plumbing company that specializes in catch basin cleaning to unclog it. Neglecting to do that will higher the risk of your house flooding when storms rush through your area.

Cleaning your catch basin as often as you can will ensure that no excess water will flood your property. Here are some benefits when you clean your catch basin regularly:

  • By cleaning your catch basin regularly, you prevent the roadside being damaged. A catch basin catches all excess water so that it does not collect on the road where cars drive.
  • Cleaning your catch basin will keep your home safe. The water will go down the catch basin and not into your home.
  • Water that goes down a catch basin contains harmful chemicals. If children or animals drink this water, it can cause a serious medical threat.
  • If snow collects on the catch basin and it melts, it is supposed to go down the catch basin. If there is debris clogging the basin, the melted ice will not be able to go down the drain and it will collect in the road, causing a hazard.

Catch basins at Almighty Plumbing

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