Essential Restaurant Plumbing Services

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High expectations

The whole point of going out for a meal at a restaurant is that it’s a bit of a treat. Moms countrywide enjoy having someone else prepare a meal; starry-eyed lovers gaze intimately at each other across the table; girlfriends share laughs, tears, and encouragement along with the meal.

What no one wants at a restaurant is a plumbing calamity. In such cases, our 24 hour emergency plumbing is a life-saver.

Patrons’ plumbing

For the guests, operational plumbing is essential to the assurance of having chosen a smart establishment. Where would we be without the flushing loo? How could we contemplate our own reflections in the bathroom mirror if not for superior plumbing repairs in Chicago?

Extensive expertise

For the back of house, plumbing is even more critical. A smooth-operating kitchen relies on functional plumbing. Some of the most expensive items of equipment in your kitchen require water supply or drainage.

Drains – Any fixture or piece of equipment that uses water needs a drain. You may also need a drain to remove condensate from your cold-room.

Indirect drains prevent wastewater from backing up, and are used for coffee machines and ice machines to avoid the risks of contaminated beverages or ice. The current trend is to give prep basins an indirect drain too.

Additional drains keep water from collecting on your kitchen or restroom floors.

Temperatures – Because commercial dishwashers need the water to be 180 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure all foodborne pathogens are destroyed, you may require a booster heater over and above the heater built into the washer, depending on the temperature of the building’s hot water.

Bits and pieces – Calcium and other minerals in hard water ruin the taste of beverages, harm equipment, and make it difficult for detergents to clean meticulously.

“FOG,” or “fats, oil and grease” necessitate the installation of a grease traps. Drain lines from the dishwasher, pot sinks, prep basins, and other equipment that discharges greasy wastewater must be filtered via the trap clogging pipes downstream.

Should you need an emergency plumber in Chicago for any of your restaurant needs, please contact us on 773-992-1587 immediately.

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