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Essential DIY sewer cleaning tips

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While sewer cleaning and maintenance is by no means a glamorous job, it’s one that’s essential to the health of both commercial and residential properties. Everything flushed down your drains and toilets can have an impact on your sewer system. Ongoing preventative maintenance and cleaning are essential if you want your sewer and drain system to remain healthy and problem free. Below are a few tips from sewer cleaning professionals in Chicago:

  • When it comes to toilets, only use flushable products that are sewer safe. If you are running a business, make sure that you advise customers and employees to use the sewer systems responsibly. You can minimize risk by only making the correct flushable materials available and by providing bins inside bathrooms for disposal of non-flushable items.
  • Blockages can cause sewer lines to drain incorrectly. A tell-tale sign of this is the toilets being backed up and the sinks and basins not draining correctly. You may think the problem exists outside the building when in fact, it often resides inside the crook of the pipe which is close to the actual toilet or basin/sink. Remember to turn off the water supply before you check the crooks. Alternatively, a professional sewer cleaner in Chicago will be able to help.
  • Chemical cleaning is a popular DIY solution to many who want to quickly and effortlessly clean out their sewer line. Some chemicals work by expanding after being poured into the sewer line. The expansion pushes debris along the line and can also dissolve certain materials. Other stronger chemicals will eat away at biological waste when poured into the sewer line and can in this way solve minor blockages.
  • Ensure that garbage disposals and drains don’t suffer clogs by inspecting them regularly. It’s important to avoid putting certain things down your drain or garbage disposal. Things to avoid include starchy foods (banana peels, corn husks), rice/pasta, bones, paper or plastic products, animal fat and grease, and any chemicals not designed for a drain or garbage disposal.

If you have a more severe plumbing blockage or problem and you aren’t sure of the correct methods of cleaning the system, it’s best to seek out the professional services of experienced Chicago plumbers.  Sewer rodding or jetting may be required. Using the incorrect tools, chemicals and methods can simply add to the problem instead of solving it.

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