Don’t let commercial plumbing issues put a damper on your business day

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Nothing can make your business grind to a halt quite like plumbing problems. During the storm season, when storm water drains are under the most pressure, pipe blockages and flooding can be a serious issue. Proper sewer line and catch basin maintenance is essential to ensure that your business hours are not interrupted by costly plumbing related damage.

These tips should help you avoid many major commercial plumbing issues:

Watch for signs of sewer line back up

If nearby drains make a gurgling sound when you flush a toilet or run a tap, call a plumber immediately as this is a symptom of a blocked sewer. Almighty Plumbing provides a 24/7 service and offers sewer cleaning in Chicago. Left unattended, sewer line back up can cause flooding and permanently damage the pipes.

Tree roots can damage sewer pipes

Tree roots grow towards the closest and best source of water and nutrients, which is unfortunately most often your sewer line. The roots push through tiny gaps where the pipe has been joined and continue to grow in the pipe, causing blockages.

If you have trees on or near your business premises, contact a plumber that provides sewer rodding in Chicago to clear the pipes on a regular basis. Sewer lines that are not maintained and cleared of tree roots can actually crack open from the pressure of growth – causing damage that is more serious and costlier than a simple blockage.

Maintain your storm water drains

Catch basin maintenance is especially vital during rainy weather. Leaves and other debris that are swept towards the drain during a storm block the grate and prevent water from flowing into the sewer line. This can cause flooding in your parking lot and even inside your offices (if the catch basin is connected to your internal plumbing).

Make sure that the storm water grate is clear of debris after a storm, and remember that the pipe exiting the drain should be at least 3 inches above the debris level. Industrial premises should avoid disposing of oils and other non water soluble substances via the catch basin, as these can clog the sewer line.

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