Don’t let a clogged storm drain ruin your business

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A clogged storm drain can cause unnecessary flooding and bad smells at your business site. Prevent this by making use of drain cleaning in Chicago.

Should your storm drain become clogged, you will need the help of drain cleaning in Chicago to unclog the drain. You can make of flood control systems to ensure that your drain does not become clogged, but with these few tips, you can rest assured that your business will never have to close due to a clogged storm drain causing a flood:

  • Make sure that all your trash bins are closed tightly. If any trash falls out, it could clog your storm drain.
  • Do not rake leaves into the street if there is no one to pick it up.
  • If you have a garden at your business, make sure that the excess leaves and sticks are removed and do not end up in your storm drain.
  • As spring is storm season in Chicago, make sure that there is no sand in the street near your storm drain. Sand could follow the storm stream and clog your drain.
  • Do not let any waste enter your storm drain. This can be harmful to people and animals, causing illness.

Storm drains at Almighty Plumbing

At Almighty Plumbing you will receive the best plumbing services in Chicago. We are a 24 hour plumbing company and can help you with any plumbing related problem including storm drain and catch basin repairs and maintenance. Not only do we do industrial repairs, we also do regular household storm drain repairs. That way, you do not have to worry about your storm drain getting clogged, whether you are at home or have a business!

Contact us today to get the best drain cleaning services in Chicago!

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