The most common reasons behind a slow flowing toilet

Toilet Bowl

What can you do when you have a slow flushing toilet? This problem is far more common in older toilets. Addressing water quantity and flow will help, but calling a plumbing repair company will be your best bet.

Toilets are designed to use a specific amount of water to flush. When the water flows into the bowl, it creates a siphon that pulls the waste out and then rinses the bowl. Too little water (or water that gets there too slowly) will result in the toilet flushing badly.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to adjust the float to set the water level to the optimal height. Toilets are designed to work properly with the water level at the maximum in the tank or cistern.

Ignoring a slow flushing toilet can lead to toilet clogs which – as you can imagine – can be disruptive, messy, annoying, and unhygienic.  It can also cause gallons of water wastage (resulting in huge water bills) because you will probably have to flush repeatedly to get the bowl empty and clean.

The initial steps are adjusting the toilet tank water level, possibly cleaning out toilet sediment in older toilets or removing toilet blockages. The first two steps mentioned are things you can take care of yourself, but blockages should be handled by an expert plumbing service.

A plumbing company can generally take care of this problem in a single service call; fixing the common causes of a slow flushing toilet is not difficult, but it does require an expert.

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