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How to avoid a sewer clog

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When it comes to your home’s plumbing, one of the worst things that can happened is a sewer clog. These clogs can cause major damage to your home that can cost a ridiculous amount of money to repair. Avoid this kind of damage to your home by avoiding sewer clogs with the help of a 24 hour plumber. Here are four helpful tips:

  1. Make sure you have maintenance done regularly
    Your plumbing system must be maintained with regular repairs and servicing. Find a plumbing repair company in Chicago and have them come out and fix any problems you may be having.
  2. Don’t ignore any plumbing problems
    If something isn’t working right, don’t ignore it. Water backing up into the kitchen sink or a gurgling sound coming from the pipes are both signs of a sewer clog, so get a professional plumber to come and fix the problem immediately.
  3. Avoid doing DIY jobs
    Plumbers have extensive experience and very specialized tools to get the job done right. Do not try and fix these problems on your own, as you could make things multitudes worse.
  4. Be careful about where you plant trees
    If you want to plant new trees in the front of your house, be sure to look out for where the main sewer pipe connects to your home. This is known as the sewer lateral and these have the tendency to get blocked by tree roots. It happens gradually over time, so you won’t really know it’s happening until it’s too late. Get a plumbing service to come out and identify exactly where you must avoid planting trees.

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