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5 things you should never flush down your toilet

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It’s amazing how many people think of the toilet as a useful trash can that cleans itself out. Aside from its proper function, you’ve probably flushed all kinds of things down the toilet. Take note of this list of things you should never flush to avoid having to call a plumber in for sewer cleaning. Chicago based company Almighty Plumbing can help you out however, if you ever do find yourself in a fix.

The truth is the only things that should be flushed down the toilet are human waste and toilet paper. That’s it, everything else is a no go. That said, there are some items that cause more damage than others:

Flushable wipes 

Globally, flushable wipes have caused millions of dollars of damage to sewage systems. Because, guess what? Flushable wipes are not flushable, even if the label says that they are. Whether it’s a baby wipe or a face wipe for removing make up, wet wipes do not disintegrate properly and combine with other waste in the sewer line to form giant blockages.


While flushing medication won’t cause a blockage, sewer waste treatment systems are not designed to filter out pharmaceuticals. Any meds you flush stand a good chance of ending up contaminating the city’s water supply.

Kitty litter

Kitty litter is designed to be super absorbent, so any that ends up in your toilet will do a great job at clumping up the works. Don’t dispose of pet waste via the toilet if it has had any contact, however minimal, with kitty litter.

Tampons and sanitary pads

Pads may be a no brainer, but tampons – like wet wipes – are often advertised as flushable, when they really should be disposed of in the garbage. In older homes, flushing tampons or pads will cause an almost immediate blockage that requires 24 hour emergency plumbing services. Even if these items do not cause a blockage at home, they cause problems at sewerage treatment facilities because they do not break down and need to be removed manually before sewerage can be treated. Save your city a little expense, and rather provide a bin in the bathroom for sanitary waste.

Cigarette butts

They might seem small enough to flush easily, but like tampons and wet wipes, cigarette butts do not disintegrate. While they are unlikely to clog your own pipes, the problem comes when sewerage reaches the treatment plant and cigarette butts need to be manually removed. In addition, chemicals present in the paper and filters are not filtered out by sewerage treatment, and can end up contaminating the city’s water.

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