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10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Next Water Bill

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Can you count how many times you use water in a single day? Between bathing, drinking, cooking, and cleaning, it’s hard to keep track. However just because water is vital to everyday life, it doesn’t mean your water bill has to be astronomical. With a few easy changes to your water use habits, you can save hundreds of dollars a year. Check out our 10 easy ways to save money on your next water bill below.

In addition to simple adjustments you can make to save money on a water bill, making sure that all of your pipes are in good working order is essential. If a faucet is leaking, you will face a more expensive water bill in addition to potential water damage. Learn more about Almighty’s residential plumbing services and our commercial plumbing services and repairs page!

1) Install aerators in all of your faucets

Aerators are an incredibly cheap and easy way to reduce water usage. You can quickly install an aerator attachment to your kitchen and bathroom faucets. The aerator will provide a mixture of air and water, meaning you will use less water with every use.

2) Use your dishwasher

Did you know that hand washing dishes actually uses more water than running the dishwasher? Some sources report that dishwashers use approximately 1/6 less water than washing by hand. Dishwashers make your life easier and save money on your water bill. Win-win!

3) Don’t use your garbage disposal as often

Even though garbage disposals are useful kitchen appliances, they require running your kitchen faucet more often. (You also need to run more water when using the disposal than you think—learn how to take care of your disposal here.) To save water, throw out food waste instead.

4) Keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator

Everyone loves a nice glass of cool, refreshing water. But when you run the faucet until it reaches the desired temperature, you’re literally pouring money down the drain. Instead, keep a pitcher of water in the fridge. That way you’ll always have cold water ready to go.

5) Don’t run half-empty dishwashers or washing machines

This one is self-explanatory. Waiting until the dishwasher or washing machine is at full capacity means you’ll run less cycles and use less water. If you really need to clean your favorite shirt, try hand-washing.

6) Take shorter showers

A typical shower uses 5 gallons of water every single minute. How long is your average shower? Make it a personal goal to reduce your shower time by even a few minutes. Not only will you be saving gallons of water, but you’ll also save money.

7) Don’t run the faucet unnecessarily

Many people have the bad habit of letting the faucet run while brushing their teeth or shaving. There’s no point in wasting water you’re not even using. Break your bad habits—shut off the faucet!

8) Use a low-flow shower head

These efficient shower heads can reduce your water use by almost half. Install the low-flow shower head once and then you’ll reap the benefits of lower water bills in every following month.

9) Avoid the permanent press washer setting

Though the permanent press laundry setting is great for your dress shirts or nice slacks, it can use 1/3 more water than any other washer setting. Only use permanent press when you really, truly need it.

10) Don’t let leaky faucets drip indefinitely

The drip-drip-drip of a leaky faucet isn’t just a mildly frustrating inconvenience. Over a year, one dripping faucet can waste hundreds of gallons of water each year. Once you notice a malfunctioning faucet, take action and investigate the problem.

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