Winter in Chicago can be icy cold and wet. With the help of a plumber in Chicago, you can prepare your plumbing for winter.

When winter is on its way, get the help of a plumber in Chicago to make sure that your plumbing is safe and ready for the harsh and cold conditions of the winter season. That way you can prevent any nasty surprises.

Inspect your plumbing before winter hits with these tips:

  • Insulating your pipes will prevent water from freezing in the pipes and causing a clogged or even a burst pipe.
  • Make sure that your pipes aren’t leaking. A small leak on a pipe can lead to water freezing around it and can cause the pipe not to work properly.
  • Drain your outside hoses of any water before storing them for the winter. If there is excess water in the hoses, it might freeze and damage the pipe.
  • If you pump water from a well, ensure that the water pump staying above freezing temperature in order to protect the pump as well as the surrounding pipes.
  • Make sure that your drain does not clog. Clogged drains can become hard to fix if the water surrounding the clog freezes.
  • Grease and oil can also cause clogging and can freeze in your pipes if it becomes cold. Prevent this by cleaning your drain at least once a week with baking soda and salt.

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