Even though you can’t see your kitchen and bathroom drains, they’re central to your home’s health. One might even say drains are the blood vessels of the house. (Maybe doctors wouldn’t say that, but there are definite parallels between the two.)

If you’ve had bad experiences with clogged drains, you know how important it is to keep your drains healthy and clear. Clogs are expensive, time-consuming, and an all-around nuisance. Don’t worry! There are many preventative steps you can take to ensure that your residential, commercial, and industrial drains stay in tip-top shape.

Everyday tips for keeping your drain clear

Prevention is the #1 way to keep your drains clear. (See, a cardiologist would totally say that! Drains are definitely your home’s blood vessels.)

  • Be aware of what you put into your drains. Cooking grease, coffee grounds, hair, and soap scum are the most common downfalls of a good, healthy drain.
    • Throw out cooking grease and coffee grounds. Use a screen to cover your shower drain in order to stop hair and scum from blocking up your shower drain.
  • Mesh screens are your drain’s best friend. Keep them over all drains, not just shower and bathtub drains.
  • Clean your drains regularly.
    • Clean off your bathroom sink’s stopper once a week.
    • Remove your shower/bathtub drain cover and clean out the underlying hair and debris once a week.
    • Clean your kitchen’s garbage disposal monthly. You can grind up ice and salt, which cuts grease and slime, and then flush with cold water. Eradicate unpleasant smells by grinding up half a lemon.

Clues that your drains are about to betray you

Good, healthy drains don’t turn into a huge headache in an instant. There are many indications that your drains are getting obstructed by hair, food, soap scum, and other debris. Keep an eye out for these signs of a clogged pipe:

  • Water pools around the drain and drains slowly
  • Water backs up entirely
  • Gurgling sounds from the drain
  • Puddles of water near your sink or tub
  • Unpleasant odors coming from your drains
  • A distinct rotting food smell coming from your kitchen garbage disposal

First steps if your drains clog

Even if you vigilantly clean and care for your drains, daily use can certainly lead to clogs. However, that doesn’t mean you need to call for professional help right away. Take the following first steps and try to alleviate the clog yourself first.

  • Don’t immediately turn to chemical drain cleaners! They can corrode your pipes.
  • Check for easily removable hair and soap scum in your bathroom sink and shower drain.Remove the debris from your pull-up sink stopper and wire screen, and rinse them thoroughly.
  • Try plunging! Fill your sink or tub partway with water. Plunge vigorously for a few minutes.
  • If it’s an emergency, make sure you know how to turn off your main water valve. Being familiar with this valve can mean the difference between a small puddle and a massive flood.

Almighty is here for you!

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