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What To Do When You Have A Sewer Backup

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A backup in your plumbing system will not cause damage if you immediately take action. The first thing you need to do is discontinue using the plumbing fixture(s) until the backup has been cleared.

Very often, slow-moving drains can be fixed yourself by using drain cleaners or a plunger. Failing that, it is time to call a plumbing service in Chicago.

Once the plumber has investigated the backup, it could be that the problem is not in your line. In that case, you should call your local sewer or sanitation district.

Flooding can often be the cause of sewer backups. These backups cause damage that is difficult and expensive to repair as well as creating health hazards. Most homeowner insurance policies don’t cover sewer backup unless it is specifically added to the policy, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

What to do in the event of a backup that causes flooding to your home:

  • Keep people and pets away.
  • Don’t try to clean it yourself.
  • Turn off central heating and air system.
  • Call Almighty Plumbing immediately and leave it to the experts.
  • Submit and insurance claim and possibly a claim against your local sewer district.

Sewerage backups can lead to disease, property destruction and electrical malfunctions. Prompt action must be taken to clean the affected property. This will minimize inconvenience and prevent further damage (including mold).

Immediate action involves:

–  Wet-vacuuming or removing spillage

–  Mopping up floors and disinfecting walls

–  Flushing out and disinfecting plumbing fixtures

–  Removing or steam cleaning wet carpets and other soft furnishings

–  Replacing damaged wallboard or wall covering

–  Cleaning or replacing ductwork

But of course, the number one action you should take in the event of a sewer backup (or any other plumbing problem) is to contact Chicago’s best plumbing service: Almighty Plumbing. Call 773-992-1587 or email us today.

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