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If you’re in These Industries, You Need Top Commercial Emergency Plumbers

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Plumbing and a comfortable existence go hand in hand. On the contrary, a plumbing disaster causes immense stress and discomfort. However, certain industries are even more averse to plumbing problems than most. For them, 24-hour emergency plumbing is an essential part of their toolkit. Property and Facility Management  Property and facilities management companies are dedicated [...]

The most common reasons behind a slow flowing toilet

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What can you do when you have a slow flushing toilet? This problem is far more common in older toilets. Addressing water quantity and flow will help, but calling a plumbing repair company will be your best bet.   Toilets are designed to use a specific amount of water to flush. When the water flows into [...]

Septic Tank or Sewerage System?

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In general, whether your home uses a septic tank or a sewerage system will depend on the location of the home. In urban areas, sewerage systems are maintained by the city’s public works department. If a neighborhood is outside of that city’s sewerage system area, the homes will use septic tanks to handle waste water, but [...]

Use These Tips to Lower Your Water Heating Bill This Winter

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Making sure you have hot water on-hand when you want it can constitute up to 13% of home energy usage. Not only that, it also has a heavy cost on the environment. Here are some useful tips which will simultaneously help save you dollars and the environment. You can take care of these yourself or you [...]

Plumbing Services For Your Home Renovation Or Build

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As a Chicago plumbing company with over fifty years’ experience in the construction industry, we understand the stress homeowners go through when building a new home or renovating an existing one. A combination of decisions, misunderstandings, expectations, finances, and emotions can make the project feel very overwhelming. Part of the recipe for a successful construction project [...]

The Most Common Causes of Low Water Pressure in Commercial Plumbing Systems

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Are your restaurant’s faucets dribbling water? If you own a hotel, is the shower water pressure worse than it used to be? If you own a commercial business like a restaurant, hotel, or school, you know that water pressure is incredibly important to your success. Almighty is an expert in commercial plumbing services and we [...]