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The Advantages of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement for Commercial Properties

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A sewer line replacement on commercial premises in Chicago used to prove to be a nightmare. It usually involved some degree of destruction of the property and even possibly the uprooting of the trees and gardens, the pulling up of paved and tarred areas, roads, and driveways. Luckily, today, trenchless sewer line replacement technology means [...]

Emergency vs. Preventative Commercial Sewer Cleaning

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A clogged sewer running from commercial premises requires immediate emergency clearing. Industrial sewers are of a heavy capacity. So,  for a blockage to cause problems, it must be large, and this kind of blockage, therefore, calls for specialist plumbing services. Moreover, the assistance should come from local plumbers that are familiar with Chicago’s commercial areas and [...]

How tree roots can cause damage to your sewers

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We all love trees. They add beauty to our Chicago landscape and provide shade, plus they’re essential to the environment. The problem is, that trees – or more specifically their roots – are not good for your sewers. Tree roots can block your pipes, causing sewer line back up. The first sign that tree roots are [...]

How to keep your sump pump working properly

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Keeping your sump pump working properly is essential and with the help of a Chicago plumbing company, your pump will always run smoothly! Spring is storm season in Chicago and if your sump pump is not working correctly, your home could easily be flooded with all the excess water from the storm season. Make sure [...]

Signs that your gas lines need maintenance

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If you are in need of gas line installation or repairs, you need to call your Chicago plumbing repair company as soon as possible. As gas lines can become a dangerous plumbing problem, it is essential to keep it up to standard by calling any Chicago plumbing repair company to make sure that there are [...]