As Chicago, IL, plumbers, we often maintain, repair and install water heaters. It’s not always easy to know when your water heater is about to break. However, there are tell-tale signs that you can look for to avoid the inconvenience of a broken water heater in your home. Here are a few things you can do today:

  • Check the age of your water heater

The rule of thumb is that a good water heater should last about 10 years. Then it should be replaced. Instead of waiting for your water heater to break (especially if it’s located in an area that could cause damage to your property), replace it before it reaches its decade anniversary.

If you don’t know how old your water heater is, you can check the serial number on the back of the unit. The serial number doesn’t look like a date. Rather, it has a date code such as “C0710348485”.

The C is for the month and C is the third letter of the alphabet, so it represents the third month (March). The following two digits represent the year, 2007. So, this serial number indicates that the water heater was manufactured in March 2007.

  • Hearing Weird sounds?

If you hear chugging and banging from your water heater, it could be a sign that it is time to replace the unit. These sounds are usually the result of sediment that builds up at the bottom of the water heater tank as the system ages. It makes your system less efficient.

  • Check for Leaks

While small leaks are common and can often be repaired, large leaks are an indication that your hot water heater has reached the end of its lifespan.

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