If you are renovating an old home in the Chicago area, it is worthwhile to consider re-piping the entire plumbing system. Replacing old galvanized and corroded pipes instead of a simple sewer cleaning can give a residential property a new lease on life and supply solutions to system-wide problems.

But how do you decide whether this step is necessary? Well, the most obvious signs of piping problems are water pressure, water color or odor, leaky pipes, unpredictable or unreliable temperatures, and corrosion. If your system presents with any of these symptoms, it is worth doing the renovation properly and getting a reliable plumber like Almighty Plumbing to come to your property and give you a quote.

Re-piping = revitalizing

People often try to convince themselves that the rust-colored water that runs when you open your faucets is not a big problem because it clears after a few gallons have run through. But this is a clear indicator of corrosion and there is just no way of isolating and stopping this.

You could also have leaks which can damage your home’s structure in the medium to long term and cause high water bills. The only solution is to get a 24-hour plumber in to assess the situation and then decide whether repairing or re-piping is the answer. If the problem can be isolated, then patching and sealing can help, but if the property is old and there are system-wide cracks, corrosion, and leaks, it might need replacing.

PEX and copper piping will provide great water pressure and eliminate costly ongoing repairs. PEX is a fast, modern solution to piping problems as it requires no solder or glue.

Inspecting and evaluating these symptoms before any damage is done to the building or foundation will protect your investment and provide you with a clear idea of what needs to be undertaken.

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