The leaves are turning golden, and the temperature is dropping. It may only be fall, but winter is just around the corner, which means that things are going to start freezing up pretty soon. Winter in Chicago means snow, ice, and a good chance that you’re going to experience some major plumbing problems – leaving you in dire need of 24 hour plumbing services. A little preparation can make all the difference however:

Keep your pipes warm

The most common, and most costly, winter plumbing catastrophe is frozen and burst pipes. Insulate your pipes with heat tape from your local hardware store. Insulation kits, that include a thermostat, are also available.

Fix any leaky pipes

Call a Chicago plumbing company such as Almighty Plumbers to check your pipes for leaks and have them repaired now. A leak that is annoying during summer is a disaster in the making, with the potential to burst, during winter.

Shut down outside plumbing

Disconnect garden hoses and sprinkler systems and store the equipment inside. It’s also advisable to bring in a professional plumber to drain all outdoor pipes of water.

Clean the water heater

Your water heater should be inspected and maintained at least once a year, and just before winter, when you really need plenty of hot water, is a good time to do this. Over time, sediment builds up in the water heater, which reduces efficiency. Contact a plumber to drain and clean your water heater, to ensure that you have piping hot water all winter long. If your water heater is showing signs of rust, this may be the time to replace it – before the cold weather sets in.

Have the sump pump checked

Your sump pump’s basement location – away from the heated portion of your home – puts it at risk of freezing during winter. During a sudden thaw, a faulty sump pump can cause serious damage. To make sure the pump is working properly, remove the lid and check for clogging. You should also pour water into the pit to see that it drains properly.

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