How to fix a clogged toilet

Toilet Bowl

Out of all plumbing problems, a clogged toilet is probably one of the most frustrating (and messy). There’s nothing more annoying than flushing the toilet only to find that the water flows all over your bathroom floor, instead of draining into the toilet bowl as it should. A clogged toilet also has the potential to be a major plumbing disaster, as blockages that build up over time and are left untreated can cause your pipes to crack or burst – this is something that is very expensive to repair.

Most blockages occur in the s-bend behind the toilet, and can be fixed using the methods outlined below. If all else fails, call a professional plumber for sewer cleaning in Chicago to clear that blockage before it becomes a problem.

The tried and tested plunger method

90% of clogged toilets can be cleared using a good old fashioned rubber plunger. Buy a plunger with an extension flange attached to the plunger bell which is designed to fit into the toilet more tightly so that the plunger creates a more powerful suction.

Insert the plunger into the toilet, ensuring that it fits securely over and seals the toilet drain. Gently plunge in and out to remove the air from the plunger, then, maintaining the seal, begin plunging vigorously in and out until the blockage loosens and the water drains from the toilet. Be patient – you may need to plunge several times and use some serious elbow grease!

Send in the drain snake

If using a plunger doesn’t unclog your toilet, a household drain snake can reach places in your s-bend that a plunger just can’t. A drain snake is a coil of heavy wire with a cork screw on the end, that you feed into the toilet pipe via the toilet bowl. When you hit the blockage, begin turning the drain snake to screw the cork screw into the blockage, which should break it up.

If trying to fix a clogged toilet using a drain snake still doesn’t work, it means that either the blockage is very tough or that it is somewhere beyond the s-bend where the drain snake can’t reach… so you’ll need to call a plumber in Chicago for expert assistance.

Bring in the professionals

If DIY methods of unclogging a toilet using a plunger or a drain snake yield no results, it’s time to call in a Chicago plumbing company. Although in most cases blocked toilets are the result of minor clogging in the s-bend behind the toilet, stubborn blockages further on in your pipes can only be cleared by a qualified plumber with the expertise and professional tools to get the job done properly. If you need a plumber in Chicago, call Almighty Plumbing for expert service.

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