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Before you buy an old house, have the plumbing inspected

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There are many beautiful old homes in Chicago, many of them dating from the turn of the century. While the idea of owning a vintage home that oozes character is very appealing, be careful before you buy.

Older homes require loads of maintenance and one of the things that many homeowners overlook is the plumbing. If you’re thinking of buying a home that’s almost a century old, chances are the plumbing is just as ancient, making it essential to have it inspected by a Chicago plumbing company.

Old pipes deteriorate over time

Modern plumbing pipes are made from plastic but they used to be made from clay, iron, steel or copper. These materials deteriorate over time and if the home you plan on buying still has its original pipes it’s time for an upgrade. Clay pipes crack when they are old, while metal pipes corrode which weakens them, increasing the chance of bursting. Corrosion also results in the water supply to your home being contaminated which is not healthy.

Often you won’t be able to notice any damage or wear and tear yourself when you view a property, even if you think you’re being thorough. So, before you sign on the dotted line, call a plumber in Chicago to inspect the plumbing and save yourself a whole lot of hassle and expense down the line.

30 years is still old for a house

Homes built 20 to 30 years ago may not be considered too old and they certainly won’t have any antique plumbing, however, there can still be issues if it has not been properly maintained.

If the home you want to purchase has trees nearby, there’s a chance that the pipes may be damaged by the roots. It’s also vital that proper catch basin maintenance has been done to ensure that water from the property drains into the sewer line. A Chicago plumbing company such as Almighty Plumbing will be able to inspect the property and check for any major faults that need fixing before you buy.

Need a 24-hour plumber?

Even when you do everything ‘right’ and have your house inspected before you buy, the maintenance of an old home is a labor of love and the plumbing can be notoriously temperamental. If you need plumbing assistance in an emergency, Almighty Plumbing provides an expert 24-hour service.

Contact Almighty Plumbing today on 773-992-1587 and let us take care of all your plumbing needs. Every sewer rodding or jetting comes with a free camera inspection valued at $250 so take advantage of this offer. Finance available.

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