Being Chicago’s plumbing repair experts, we are often asked what our top tips are. The answer is simple: prevention is better than cure –  good maintenance of your systems will prevent most crises.

Seasonal plumbing problems

Why do plumbers see a massive increase in emergency call-outs during the holidays? Firstly, if you have house guests, your plumbing system will be under more pressure than it usually is. Perhaps your system is old or not designed for that amount of work. A blocked toilet over the holidays can totally ruin the family get-together. It is the very last thing you would want.

It may be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, but it’s a good idea to ask house guests not to dispose of anything other than what is absolutely essential down the toilet. Feminine products, baby wipes, human hair, and paper towels can all cause problems. If you feel too uncomfortable discussing this with guests, leave a note in the bathroom.

Over the holidays, we as plumbing experts see a lot of blocked drains and garbage disposal units. Be careful not to overload these drains. Don’t place leftover food, turkey skin, and bones, etc. in the garbage disposal. Place these items in the compost or trash can.

As we have said before, do not pour grease or oil down drains. This applies doubly in winter as grease hardens even more easily in cold pipes and will cause a blockage – not to mention the environmental irresponsibility of this.

If you suspect that your dishwasher or washing machine may have a fault, don’t use them as these empty into the drains.

Have a wonderful holiday season and remember that if you need a 24-hour plumbing company in Chicago, we are available.

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