5 things you should know about sewer rodding

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When it comes to blockages in your plumbing, sewer rodding is a method used for clearing the blockage out and getting things flowing again. Blockages can cause major damage to your home and can go largely unnoticed for the longest time, sometimes until it’s too late. If you have a blockage and need it repaired, calling a plumbing repair company in Chicago is your best bet. Here are five things you should know about sewer rodding.

  1. Sewer rodding uses specialized tools
    The sewer rods used in this method are specialized, flexible rods that are screwed together end to end. Each rod is about three feet long. These are not just any rods found at the local hardware store: these are specially designed polypropylene rods that have steel hardware on either end to screw them together.
  2. This is not a DIY method
    Since rodding involves specialized equipment and skills, it should only be done by trained professionals who have the right expertise. Attempting to do it yourself could cause more problems.
  3. Rodding is used on a range of blockages
    Whether you have a blocked sink, toilet or even a blockage in your main sewer line, rodding is a reliable way to clear it up. Rodding restores the flow of water through the pipes and gets them back to how they were when the pipes were new.
  4. There are different types of rods
    There are a variety of types of rods that are used for different types of blockages. The most basic of which is the tape rod, which is essentially a roll of steel wire that can be guided into a pipe. There is also something called a kinetic water ram, which uses compressed air to push the blockage through the pipe and out. There are also power rods, which automatically feed the line into the pipe.
  5. It’s dirty work
    So make sure your plumbing service cleans up afterwards. Some services do water recovery and will also completely deep clean the area when the job is complete. This ensures the room is hygienic once more.

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