An important aspect of running a successful business is ensuring that your premises are well maintained – this includes the plumbing. While general maintenance can be handled by an on-site handyman, some problems are just too big to DIY and need the expert assistance of a 24-hour plumber.

It’s time to get hold of a professional plumber if:

  1. Your water bills are always high

High water bills that are not due to an increase in water rates are a sign that you have a leak somewhere in your pipes. Leaks are bad news – not only are you literally pouring money down the drain but leaks can cause a buildup of mold which can result in long-term damage to the structure of your business premises.

  1. Faucets are constantly dripping

Leaky faucets can send your water bill rocketing – it’s often not a simple DIY job to tighten things up. Faucets are subject to wear and tear and will need replacing after a few years. Call a plumber in Chicago if the faucets at your business are dripping nonstop. A professional plumber will be able to investigate to determine the root of the problem and advise if old faucets need to be replaced.

  1. Your toilets are clogged

Clogged toilets are a major culprit when it comes to plumbing disasters. If your toilet won’t flush properly and using a plunger doesn’t help, it’s usually a sign of a stubborn blockage somewhere in your pipes that need the urgent attention of 24-hour plumbing services for your business. If your toilets are clogged, take immediate action – blocked pipes that are left untreated can burst, leaving you with an expensive mess to clean up.

  1. The water is too hot or too cold

Problems with water temperature can be caused by many things, from a leak in your water heater to water heater parts (such as valves or gauges) that need replacing. While not disastrous, problems with water temperature can be frustrating for both your employees and your customers.

  1. Your pipes are frozen

Winter may be coming to an end, however, if you haven’t taken proper precautions against frozen pipes you could still be in for some trouble. The problem with frozen pipes is that they often burst during a thaw and there’s nothing worse than the hassle and expense of repairing pipes that have already burst. Call a 24-hour plumber who can assess your pipes and provide expert thawing services before burst pipes cause a nightmare for your business.

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