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5 Common Commercial Plumbing Myths Debunked!

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It’s so easy to fall prey to myths and common misconceptions. Did you know the statistic claiming that we only use 10% of our brains is unsubstantiated? Don’t believe everything you hear—especially about commercial plumbing! Almighty cares about your plumbing health, whether it’s in a business, school, hospital, restaurant, or hotel. We’ve discredited five of the most common commercial plumbing myths. Read them below and check out our commercial plumbing services and repairs page!

  1. If the drain is letting water through, there’s no problem

False! Major plumbing issues don’t happen immediately. If you notice anything different about your drains, like taking a longer time than usual, that means a problem may be beginning. Address the problem–is there something clogged like hair, soap, or food debris? Don’t ignore your drains—if you neglect them, you’ll surely face a major plumbing problem down the road.

  1. Toilets can flush away anything

Definitely not true. While it’s tempting to put things like paper towels, baby wipes, or cat litter down the toilet, anything not directly intended for the toilet–you know what it is–will cause issues. The initial convenience of flushing something away isn’t worth the imminent and costly plumbing headache.

  1. All of your problems will go away when using a commercial drain cleaner

Even though it seems promising, using commercial drain cleaners isn’t a guaranteed eternal fix for clogs. These cleaners don’t completely solve the problem and it can actually damage your pipes (and the environment!). Don’t take the easy route–get professional help to thoroughly fix the clog once and for all.

  1. Regular soap works like a charm on plumbing fixtures

While hand soap does the trick for washing your hands, it is actually the wrong choice for cleaning your plumbing fixtures. Regular soap can cause fixtures to corrode and look dingy, dull, and damaged. Instead, use specialty cleaners for each of your commercial plumbing fixtures—they vary for each item and each finish, like stainless faucets and porcelain toilets. It’s smart to use specialty cleaning supplies as they not only clean the plumbing fixtures properly but they also keep them sparkling.

  1. It’s okay to use cheap plumbing products if you have a lifetime warranty

Nope. Though this may seem like a better option in the short-term, it’s a bad long-term solution. This means that you’ll just get low-quality plumbing equipment that breaks, only to be replaced by more low-quality plumbing equipment. The warranty isn’t a solution—it’s a prolonged plumbing headache. Save yourself the time and effort by getting quality equipment that’s been installed properly.

If you need commercial plumbing services, call Almighty!

Don’t believe these common commercial plumbing myths. Treat your plumbing pipes, drains, and fixtures with care.  If you need professional commercial plumbing services and repairs, Almighty is the #1 choice. Call us today at 773-992-1587 (Chicago) or 708-294-3181 (Suburbs).

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