Sewer leak

How to Stop Sewer Gas from Coming into Your Home or Commercial Property

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Apart from the revolting odor, sewer gas can actually cause sickness from inhalation. This is because it contains carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and sulfur dioxide. Municipal sewer systems often contain chlorine bleach as well. As soon as you get a sniff of that unmistakable stench, call Almighty Plumbers – Chicago’s 24-hour sewer cleaning specialists – immediately. [...]

Five Signs You Have A Sewer Leak

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Here are some signs that you may need to investigate and repair your pipes: Odor If you smell sewerage, there’s a problem. The system should be airtight. This is the number one tell-tale sign that you need to call a plumber. When you get your first whiff, no matter the time, call Chicago’s 24 hour plumbing [...]

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