Winter Plumbing

Use These Tips to Lower Your Water Heating Bill This Winter

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Making sure you have hot water on-hand when you want it can constitute up to 13% of home energy usage. Not only that, it also has a heavy cost on the environment. Here are some useful tips which will simultaneously help save you dollars and the environment. You can take care of these yourself or you [...]

Insulate your Water Pipes This Winter

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Getting ready for winter isn’t as easy as unpacking your winter clothing. In a climate as harsh as Chicago’s, you have to get your house ready too.   Burst pipes and leaks waste thousands of gallons of water daily and that adds up in dollar terms. But being prepared for plummeting temperatures can save you a [...]

Prep your plumbing this fall to get ready for winter

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The leaves are turning golden, and the temperature is dropping. It may only be fall, but winter is just around the corner, which means that things are going to start freezing up pretty soon. Winter in Chicago means snow, ice, and a good chance that you’re going to experience some major plumbing problems – leaving you [...]

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