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Don’t let commercial plumbing issues put a damper on your business day

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Nothing can make your business grind to a halt quite like plumbing problems. During the storm season, when storm water drains are under the most pressure, pipe blockages and flooding can be a serious issue. Proper sewer line and catch basin maintenance is essential to ensure that your business hours are not interrupted by costly plumbing [...]

Expert catch basin maintenance has you covered over storm season

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The rainy season is upon us, bringing with it the risk of storm water drains becoming blocked and flooding driveways, sidewalks and streets, and making catch basin maintenance a must. If your catch basin is on your property, it’s your responsibility to maintain it. If it becomes severely blocked it can cause damage to the street, [...]

How tree roots can cause damage to your sewers

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We all love trees. They add beauty to our Chicago landscape and provide shade, plus they’re essential to the environment. The problem is, that trees – or more specifically their roots – are not good for your sewers. Tree roots can block your pipes, causing sewer line back up. The first sign that tree roots are [...]

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