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3 Things You Should Do to Halt the Holiday Plumbing Blues

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The holidays are a time for family, friends, good food, tradition, and celebration. No one wants to deal with a frustrating clogged drain or an inconvenient broken water pipe over a holiday break.When you’re cooking big meals and having guests stay over, your kitchen and bathroom are used more than usual. With this extra usage [...]

Pipes That Go “Clang” in the Night: How to Fix Noisy Water Pipes

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It’s so frustrating to constantly hear noisy, clattering water pipes. While it’s an annoying problem, it’s not one you have to live with forever. Almighty Plumbing is here to help you figure out what’s causing that pesky clanging and fix it once and for all. Read on to discover out the 4 likely causes of noisy water pipes [...]

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